ASSOCIATION PRO REFUGIU is a Romanian non-governmental organisation with office in Bucharest city, focused on the protection of the rights of victims of crimes, asylum seekers and refugees. The organization was founded in 2011. Association Pro Refugiu has expertise in the implementation of projects focused on improving the assistance for the target groups; trainings for lawyers, prosecutors, judges and other professional categories; studies & research on migration and human trafficking phenomenon. The organization cooperates with institutions and NGOs from Romania and from other EU Member States. Association Pro Refugiu is member of several network: EU Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights Network (FRANET).


CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF DEMOCRACY was founded in late 1989 in Bulgaria, and it is a European public policy institute dedicated to the values of democracy and market economy. CSD is a non-partisan, independent organisation fostering the reform process through impact on policy and civil society. The CSD has pioneered in several areas traditionally perceived as the inviolable public property, such as institutional reform, and national security.  Rights of victims of crime have been part of the Center’s core research activity for more than 10 years. Areas where numerous research findings and policy recommendations have been made include rights of victims of human trafficking, interinstitutional cooperation in the area of victim support, general and specific referral mechanisms, factsheets on rights of victims of crime throughout the European Union. CSD has significantly facilitated the introduction of holistic medical and psychological services to victims of domestic and other types of gender-based violence and has supported legislative reforms improving victims’ status in the criminal procedure.


SOLWODI Deutschland e.V.

SOLWODI stands for “SOLidarity with WOmen in DIstress”.  Since 1987 SOLWODI is engaged as charitable organisation with 19 specialised counselling centers and seven sheltered housings in Germany for migrant women in distress. SOLWODI Deutschland e.V. offers holistic psycho-social care and advice, sheltered housing, referrals to legal and medical help as well as support in voluntary returns to the clients’ countries of origin.


EUROPEAN INSTITUTE FOR CRIME PREVENTION AND CONTROL affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI) functions under the auspices of the Finnish Ministry of Justice as an independent research and policy-making institute. HEUNI was established in 1981 with an agreement between Finland and the United Nations. The institute currently has 8 staff members. HEUNI’s work focuses on conducting research, on publishing the findings in easily accessible formats, disseminating the findings to relevant stakeholders, and advocating and participating in policy-making related to the institute’s areas of focus. The areas of focus are 1) improving access to justice and the quality of services for vulnerable victims of crime; 2) strengthening the criminal justice responses to, including identification of human trafficking and similar crimes (such as forced marriage, exploitation of children and young people, labour exploitation); 3) strengthening the understanding of and the responses to economic crime and corporate crime; 4) enhancing the skills of businesses and public procurement agencies to identify and prevent exploitation in supply chains. HEUNI’s menu of services include the development of research methodologies, the collection and analysis of various forms of data, the development of indicators, measures, practical tools and guidelines, and the provision of training.

HEUNI selects and develops its areas of focus independently but is guided by the priorities of the United Nations. HEUNI is the European regional institute in the United Nations Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention programme network. HEUNI’s affiliation with the United Nations means that HEUNI collaborates with other members of this network, closely follows the work of the UN vis-à-vis the prevention of crime and crime control within the framework of criminal justice and supports

the UN in the implementation of its priorities, in particular the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.


DINAMIA S. COOP. MAD. It is a Cooperative (Social Economy Organization) created in 2004 by a group of Spanish experts from different professional backgrounds. Its main goals are promoting diversity and integration of vulnerable people, gender approach and fight against any form of intolerance. Our team includes experts in sociology, political science, anthropology, economics, laws, psychology and the humanities. It promotes an ecology of wisdoms which seeks to combine the necessary expertise with a comprehensive overview of the policies, programmes and projects. Main working areas are: gender & diversity including migrant people and the fight against racism, xenophobia and hate crimes (always from a victims centered approach); social & solidarity economy; social enterprise & entrepreneurship; employment; participation & territory; public policies; international cooperation; European projects.